Competitors Able To Carry Own Weight At Strongman Event

FROM STAFF REPORTS Nearly 20 competitors traveled to FITT Warehouse Training Systems in Newnan for its third annual Strongman — and woman — competition, which attracted athletes from around the state for a one of-a-kind event on June 11 at the facility on Werz Industrial Blvd. Under conditions that included an indoor tiebreaker in 102-degree heat, participants competed in events including the Hand-over-Hand Sled Pull, Sandbag Carry, Tire Flip, Truck Pull, Log Press and Sled Drag. Divisions were divided into Over-200 pound and Under-200 categories.

Dr. Charley Cheney of Complete Dental Arts in Newnan won the overall male championship and a $250 first prize. Winners were measured in events by fastest time or most repetitions. Over 100 spectators were on hand for the event. Ben Podbielski, also of Newnan, finished second overall and Travis Hearn of Peachtree City was third — each of which earning cash awards. The lone female participant was Nicole Moundros of Savannah. The first event held was the Hand-over-Hand Sled Pull, where competitors yanked a sled over 60 feet in the fastest time.

Jamie Weaver had the top overall time of 18 seconds in the Under-200 division and Podbielski held off Cheney in the Over-200 category with a mark of 19 seconds, five ahead of second place. Cheney tied for first place in the Sandbag Carry, where athletes had to carry weights in a bear-hug fashion for as many trips over a span of 60-feet during a minute. Cheney and Brian Kirkendall had five each in the Over-200 division. Hearn and Brandon Conner tied for the win in the Under-200 with 10 each. Event No. 3 was the Tire Flip in which a 450-pound tire was used for the Under-200 competitors and a 625-pound tire for the Over-200 division. Cheney led the competition with 11 flips along with David Turbyfield in the Over-200 class. Patrick Whitaker and Andrew Turner had 17 and 16, respectively, to lead the Under-200 division. Cheney also won the Truck Pull in the Over-200 class in 22 seconds, two ticks ahead of Podbielski. Hearn and Conner led the way in the Under-200 division with times of 20 and 21 seconds, respectively. The Log Press had competitors lifting an 80-pound weight over their heads for the maximum repetitions in a minute. Patrick Whittaker (43), Kelby Holt (41) and Conner (40) all broke 40 reps to lead the Under-200 division. Podbielski and Cheney tied with 20 apiece in the Over-200 class. The final event before the tiebreaker was the Farmer Carry/Sled Drag Medley. Competitors had to carry their respected weights as fast as possible and transition to respective 225 (Under) and 275 (Over) sleds, pulling them backward as fast as possible. Hearn completed the task in 20.81 seconds to lead the Under-200 division, while Cheney’s mark of 25.50 was tops in the Over-200 event. Local vendors who participated through sponsorships included Planet Smoothie, Newnan Family Chiropractic, Aya Med Spa, Art of Tees, Jekyll and Hyde’s, Beck Janitorial, Summit Healthplex Pharmacy, Newnan Computers, Accounting Resources, Toyota of Newnan, State Farm Phil Aaron, Complete Dental Arts, Calton & Associates, A-1 Glass and Crossfit Newnan.

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