Does a Toothache Require Emergency Dentistry?

Does a Toothache Require Emergency Dentistry?

Toothaches are often routine-disrupting. If you have a toothache, you may not be able to focus, work, or even sleep. And while many may not consider it a big deal, in a few select cases, it could be a sign of a serious infection. 

Are you suffering from one and wondering whether seeking emergency dental care would be a bit silly? Our answer is no! 

Tooth pain is often a sign that a cavity is deep enough to threaten the integrity of the tooth, or that there’s an infection that could spread throughout the body. To help you get a better understanding of what causes the problem and when it’s best to seek help, we asked Dr. Charley Cheney, our expert at Complete Dental Arts, to share everything you need to know about toothaches. 

Toothache causes 

Toothaches are so common that many consider them to be harmless. However, make no mistake, a tooth only hurts when the nerve inside is irritated. This happens due to either a deep cavity, an abscess, or a blow to the tooth. 

When left untreated, a cavity may lead to tooth loss, and when an infection is ignored, it can spread everywhere, including to the brain. On rare occasions, infections can become life-threatening. 

In cases where the pain is due to a blow to the tooth, a root canal may be necessary if the nerves inside the tooth are damaged as well. 

Signs that a toothache needs emergency attention

You may benefit from seeing a specialist if you experience the following:

A less serious cause of toothaches is teeth grinding. However, even if it doesn’t seem like an immediate concern, teeth grinding can damage the surface of teeth with time. 

Toothaches that come and go on their own, even those that don’t last for long, should prompt a dental visit. It may not be necessary to see a dentist right away, but pain is typically a sign of nerve damage, which can worsen with time. 

Get rid of your toothache with us 

With more than one decade of experience working as a dental provider, Dr. Cheney is the right person to contact if a toothache is troubling you. More often than not, toothaches require treatment right away, and by accessing our emergency dentistry services, you can schedule an appointment and get your toothache treated as soon as possible.

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