Dr. Cheney and the BRC participate in the Annual Coweta Samaritan Clinic Fundraiser!

Annual Barbecue A Success For Coweta Samaritan Clinic

by MAGGIE BOWERS, Newnan Times-Herald, October 7, 2015

“… The CSC was founded by Dr. Kay Crosby who left a private practice of internal medicine in 2008 with the hope of bringing a free clinic to her hometown of Newnan. With the support of the Coweta County Hospital Authority, the building, located at 137 Jackson St., became the clinic’s home. Newnan Hospital Foundation continues to provide a portion of the clinic’s operating funds while Piedmont Newnan contributes free lab and radiology services. Together, sponsors, community donations and contributions and skilled medical specialists, allow the clinic to function as the primary care facility for indigent (uninsured and medically underserved) patients in the county.

“This isn’t about me,” Dr. Crosby insisted. “This event and the clinic is all about the community, our sponsors and the volunteers that help make the clinic successful in providing care to the people of Coweta.”

According to Dr. Crosby, the most recent additions to CSC services include a monthly clinic provided by the Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Newnan, dental services by Complete Dental Arts and the installation of electronic medical records in a system called Epic, which will streamline patient files between Piedmont Newnan Hospital and CSC.

“The Sams Family from Fayetteville gave a grant to create the Sams Care Coordination Program,” said Dr. Crosby. “The program has provided Epic [the advanced electronic medical record system used by Piedmont] as well as a part time nurse practitioner for the clinic and a licensed medical social worker.”

The digital record-keeping system and the specialists added to the clinic were made possible by a donation from the family of Drs. Ferrol and Helen Sams to the Piedmont Healthcare Foundation. These additions will enable CSC to have a more complete picture of each patient’s medical history, address underlying health needs and conditions more efficiently, and to coordinate with Piedmont to provide the best care possible for Coweta patients….”

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