Why should I consider Mi Paste?

Complete Dental Arts cleaning

What is MI Paste®?

MI Paste® is a tooth crème that is made up of calcium and phosphate and helps to mineralize the teeth and keep them healthy! The good thing about MI Paste® is you can get it with or without fluoride, based on your preference.

MI Paste® can help...

• Reduce teeth sensitivity after whitening
• Reduce the risk for tooth decay (cavities)
• Reduce dental erosion caused by acids from sodas, sport drinks,   alcohol and food
• Reduce dental erosion caused by high oral acid levels associated with gastric reflux or pregnancy
• Prevent ugly white spots from developing around braces
• Relieve dry mouth symptoms caused by medical treatments, medications, smoking, drug use and/or stress

Ashley, RDH CDA Hygiene Complete Dental Arts Registered Dental Hygienist!

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